About the Artists


I have worked in the wedding industry for over a decade and believe photography to be an ever evolving art form. When the wedding day has drawn to a close and only the photographs remain as testimony, I understand that every image contributes to the complex portrait of what a wedding really is.

When I photograph a wedding I consider myself part of an event. I don’t believe my function is to be a fly on the wall while the world passes by, rather, I am interactive. My photography reflects a high level of involvement and personal connection with the people, feelings and energy of the day. I step into your world and make it my own. When we click, it’s magic.

-DeAnna Dimmitt



Having worked almost ten years for one of the Duke City’s largest photography studios, I felt it was time to open up the door to a new breed of wedding photography. I decided that the high volume atmosphere was not for me. I prefer a more personal relationship with my clients.

Over the years I have learned that weddings are about more than pretty pictures. They are about emotions, beauty and energy; an ever present spirit that fills the day; this is what I strive to capture. I use the camera as a tool to document the day and tell your story, to find the subtleties that make your day unique.

I look forward to cultivating a professional and personal relationship with each individual I photograph. Anybody can learn to use a camera and take pretty pictures. I want you to know yours are heart felt and personal.

-Rick Meiers